Siberian Tiger Lying On Mound Of Snow | by: { David Ponton }



Midnight sun


Kleinfleckkatze - Salzkatze - Geoffroy-Katze (Leopardus geoffroyi - Oncifelis geoffroyi - Geoffroy’s cat (by skydiver_hh needs holidays)


(via A rare camera trap photo of a wild tiger chasing a porcupine in the Indian Terai | Panthera)


male Impala Aepyceros melampus standing in the rain in Etosh N.P by mk_lynx


Cougar (Mountain Lion) (by SameeraMJ)



(Picture source)

In honor of the very special International Tiger Day, the members of the Big Cat Network would like to encourage everyone to do what you can to help the plight of tigers everywhere! You can learn more about this day at tigerday.org

Here are just some of the things you can do to help:

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Videos to watch

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I Am Not A Rug

Last chance to save the Wild Tiger?

Can We Save The Tiger? 

Join us, and help spread awareness on the issues surrounding tigers!

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I know it’s not Tiger Day for most of you any more but tigers need our help every day of the year