Imagine walking out on a lovely day and stepping into a painful trap that cuts through your skin, and through bone

then imagine being terrified, so then a human comes along and takes you, probes you analy with a electric probe, electrocuting you so you’re stunned, then starts beating and skinning you alive

Just imagine that before you buy fur! its nasty, inhumane and for our vanity. just buy fake fur! its kinder and no harm done to poor animals. 


Wait what? If you really believe any of that rubbish then it shows just how ignorant about fur production you really are.

Why on earth would anyone need to electrocute, beat AND skin an animal alive? Killing an animal is a very simple and easy process when you know what you’re doing. You know how trapped animals are typically killed? A bullet to the brain or vitals. Quick, clean and the animal is rendered instantly dead. Traps also don’t cut through skin or break bones. If they do then it is an illegal poachers trap. Modern traps have been specially designed so that they do not harm the animal in any way, with special features such as padded jaws and swivels in the chain that allow the animal to twist and turn freely. Here is a trapper demonstrating how leg-hold traps work. You’ll find trappers will often test the traps out on themselves to ensure they wont cause harm. 

As for skinning alive, it does not happen. Period.


The female Sumatra tiger at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire. She was absolutely stunning and incredibly patient with her cubs running around and jumping on her at every opportunity. Really was fantastic to see.


Skinning a deer by fellowapeman // CC license 2.0



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This is true, but the number is frequently exaggerated by animal rights organizations, like PeTA and HSUS. They say 5000-10000, or even “10.000+!”
While in fact, according to the Feline Conservation Federation, the number is closer to 2.800. And that includes tigers in zoos and other facilities, not just “pets”. And 10.000 exotic cats in all of the US, that includes bobcats, servals, asian leopard cats and other small cats.
(Also there is a myth that there are thousands of tigers in Texas alone. This is false.)

Also, NO WAY the average pet tiger lives a horrible life like that. Just like your average pooch isn’t in the hands of an animal abuser or hoarder, or most zoos aren’t the hellholes the AR-people like to tell you, or most orcas/dolphins don’t live in Sealand of the Pacific-like conditions.

THIS is also a pet tiger:

(Granted, this is in South Africa. But they are “pet” tigers owned privately.)

Here are a couple of “poor, abused” pet big cats in Nevada.

And about the numbers - it’s tragic that wild tigers are now reduced to only about 2300 individuals, as it is with all declining species.

But the huge numbers in captivity is something awesome!
Imagine if there were none of these 2800 captive tigers in America, what then? Then there would be 2800 tigers less in the world, that might help their species in the future (as it is likely to go extinct in the wild in the next decade or so). Only scattered in zoos across the world.

All animal species we keep will unfortunately be abused by heartless people that shouldn’t own any animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, horses, parrots, lizards, livestock, as well as exotics (though parrots and reptiles are technically exotics too…), they all end up in unsuitable homes from time to time. Just as some zoos are bad, other are good.
We have laws in place to keep check of the welfare both zoos and owners, and punish/shut down the ones that won’t follow these laws.
(It’s either that, or the goal of PeTA and HSUS - all animals out of captivity and all human contact with animals ending permanently, something I think most of us don’t want.)

Don’t spread the lie that every exotic or wild animal “pet” is being abused in someone’s basement. Or that we have thousands of hungry, abused tigers that are just waiting to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting public and start eating civilians. Because it’s just not true.

Except none of the tigers in private hands will ever contribute anything to conservation. Pet breeders don’t care about the purity of different subspecies and so most of them are mixed (primarily a mix of Bengal and Siberian). This crossing of subspecies directly harms conservation. Tigers bred as pets are also often heavily inbred, especially when it comes to producing the more popular color morphs. Since their breeding goes directly against the standards set out by the AZA those tigers will never be suitable for conservation programs. So it would make zero difference if those tigers existed or not (if anything their existence damages conservation efforts.) 

Not to mention, those photos you posted all show highly unethical and problematic content. None of those animals are being properly cared for. For a start, no one should ever have direct one-on-one contact with adult big cats. Ever. It is not only extremely dangerous but it gives the false impression that big cats are safe to be around. And what happens when the tiger injures someone, even just through play? It gets euthanized as a dangerous animal. It’s not fair that the animal should have to pay the price for human stupidity. Tigers, lions and other big cats are also frequently defanged and declawed to make them safer to be around, both horrifically cruel practices. 

Secondly, pet tigers should never be in a house or around pets like dogs. It is asking for trouble and is in no way a suitable environment for these animals. Very, very few people can give these animals the appropriate environment that they need. 

bigcatawareness can probably give more insight into some of these photos and why they’re so problematic?  

^^^^ This covers a lot of what I would have said.

OP’s comments are grossly misinformed.  Congrats on posting a bunch of pictures of big cats being treated like housecats.  It is unethical, irresponsible, and yes, cruel. No private owner can give the necessary care to a big cat.  They can give the necessary diet, they can’t give the necessary space, and many don’t give the necessary vet care because it is too expensive or they simply can’t find a qualified exotic vet.  Private owners hugely susceptible to things life can throw at them(bankruptcy, foreclosure, family strife, health declines, etc), and rehoming a tiger isn’t as easy as rehoming a housecat.  Sanctuaries are overwhelmed with pleas for people to take the animals they can no longer afford to care for because they are not an accredited zoological facility that actually has the funds to care for an animal that can cost up to 15k a year to feed alone.  By owning a big cat, you are unnecessarily deciding to risk the lives of the cat you own, as well as that of everyone around you.  If you cat gets out?  Dead.  If your cat attacks you? Dead.  it is not your risk alone.  And it is unethical to decide that you have the right to risk any life but your own.  

There is absolutely no good achieved by keeping a big cat as a pet.  It doesn’t benefit the animal, and it doesn’t benefit conservation.  In fact, it harms conservation.  People see the above pictures and think “I can keep them safe in my house because the wild is scary!” They think if you bottle raise it, it wont kill you.  They think they can turn a lion into a housecat.

By the way, that picture of the lion is from a pro-ownership group called Rexano that breeds white tigers, declaws, and keeps big cats in their homes.  Congrats on helping me further my point by sharing a picture of a really cruel owner.  Have you seen how much a declawed big cat suffers?  I have.  Unbearable arthritis, diminished use of their paws, deformities, the list goes on.  It’s the worst thing you can do to a big cat short of ripping their teeth out.

The pictures of the tigers with the guy in South Africa show a situation where big cats are allowed to not only share a home with two people, but several small dogs whose lives are put at risk every day.  The tigers’ “enclosure” consists of astroturf on concrete.  You know how detrimental it is for a big cat to live on concrete rather than natural substrates?  They get elbow swellings and callouses, painful joints, etc.

Someone doesn’t have to be with PETA to think that owning a tiger as a pet is a really bad thing.  Saying that everyone who cares about these animal’s welfare HAS to be some PETA extremist is so petty I can’t even deal.  So get that dismissive, pro-abuse attitude out of here

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Iorek´s I Get A Kick Out Of You - “Dino” 

My beautiful Borzoi boy is soon one year old! 


Sumatran tiger trapped and killed in Kerinci

Tiger Monitoring Teams working in Sumatra, Indonesia, made a disturbing discovery during a routine patrol.

WARNING: this article is of a graphic and disturbing nature and may cause distress to some readers.

In a gruesome incident in August, a Sumatran tiger was trapped and killed in Sumatra’s Kerinci Seblat National Park.

As tigers slowly vanish from more areas across their range, Kerinci remains a stronghold for this Critically Endangered predator. In recent years, committed conservation work by Fauna & Flora International’s (FFI) Sumatran Tiger Conservation Programme has allowed tiger numbers in the park to increase.

We know this thanks to the work of the FFI/Panthera Tiger Monitoring Team. But in August this year the team made the grim discovery of tiger remains in a hunters’ camp situated deep within the park. The hunters fled as the team arrived at their camp, but left behind the skin and bones of a recently snared tiger.

Read More (graphic image content warning)

I don’t even know what to say… This is just sad and disgusting…


via ALTA The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance

Today is Russian Tiger Day! Every year, the last Sunday of September is a national holiday dedicated to the Amur tiger. Thousands of people will be taking to the streets in a parade and festivities held in honour of wild tigers. We’d like to take this opportunity to send best wishes to all involved, and especially to all our donors and supporters who allow us to fund so much valuable work.
our neighbors two cats died within days of each other




outdoor cats. lets talk about outdoor cats

i miss them. one of them was so friendly and she would always run up to you and meow and tell you a huge story and she would let you pet her forever. she was always really happy to see you, whoever you were, and i always looked forward to seeing her when i went in my backyard.

but whenever i pet her and talked to her, i always remembered how we lost our own friendly cat because he was allowed to be outdoors. and every time i visited with her i prayed she would be kept inside, even if it meant i couldn’t enjoy her company anymore.

so every next time i saw her my heart would sink because i knew she was at risk. and it would sink when we parted ways because i never knew if it was the last time we would meet.

now i will not be seeing her again.

the both of them are gone now because they were killed by coyotes. years and a month after our own cat was found half-eaten and disemboweled near our house. after other neighborhood cats disappeared. 

our neighbors, like us at the time of our loss, thought it couldnt happen to them. even when they mourned for our own loss. we learned. we kept our remaining cat indoors.

they thought it couldnt happen to their cats. and it did. 

even after the first one disappeared, they still insisted on letting their other outside. it couldnt possibly happen again.

and it did.

"BUT THEY LOVED THEM" my mom said when i expressed my hurt feelings that they let this happen, that they could have kept them inside and avoided this. especially after it happened to us, after we showed the idiocy that cost us a treasured companion.

because we too love our remaining cat. we keep her inside now. why didnt they?


predators dont care about your love and your bond to your companion animals. i argued this to her when we were still debating on whether to let our remaining cat out, or keep her indoors. i thank g-d every fucking day i hear about this happening, every single day, that we kept with that decision. our cat is indoor, and she is alive.

what a senseless waste of life. i am sick and sad that they are gone from willful ignorance and my tiny friend will never visit me again.

keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. keep your cats inside. 

if you love your cat, keep them inside. they dont have to be torn away from you. you are in control of their fate. they need your protection.

dont gamble with their life. 

Not just cats but small dogs too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQbXSl1ReuQ

Literally the only thing that saved this Chi/Dachshund from being coyote food was its tether and its Rottweiler friend.

Per video description (bolded by me):”1. prior to this event no coyote sightings in this area
2. Dog was left outside by spouse while restroom was being used less than 5mins
3. This was 7am in morning ( not a normal time for a coyote / wild animal attack)
4. This is middle of city with no prior history

reblogging for this really important addendum^^^^

and my own: coyotes are ambush predators and both you and your pet are extremely unlikely to see an attack coming until it happens. when our cat was taken by one, he was outside for less than a minute. he literally walked around the side of our house and got grabbed. we heard him scream.